In A Spin, A New Novel by T.A. Keenleyside




Henry, a high school teacher and hockey coach, and Joanne, a figure skating instructor, appear to be an ordinary, happily married couple in a sleepy university town, noted for propriety not scandal. But are they? Joanne comes to suspect that Henry is having an affair, maybe more than one, and this is corroborated by their neighbours and friends, Max and Carol. With Max’s help, Joanne hatches a plan to catch Henry in the act of making love to another woman, and in their own bedroom. What she discovers, however, is something very different and it risks destroying their marriage, for there is a surprising, hidden aspect to Henry that seems at total odds with the person she has always known. But with helpful advice from her open-minded friend, Carol, Joanne slowly comes to accept the new Henry, although, in the end, she is unable to save him from embarrassment and public exposure to ridicule.

Interwoven with this story is a satirical sub-plot about academe and a maverick university professor facing dismissal for bizarre classroom behaviour and sexual misconduct. In A Spin is an intriguingly different and distinctively Canadian novel, rich in drama and comedy.  Beneath the surface, however, it is also a serious study of the limits of tolerance and the difficulty of knowing people fully.

In A Spin is available at select book stores and from Borealis Press at Retail price: $19.95 Cdn. plus shipping and handling. Autographed copies may also be purchased directly from the author at a saving in shipping, handling and taxes (full price: $26.50 anywhere in Canada, or $45.00 for two books; United States: $24.00 U.S, or $37.50 U.S. for two books). To arrange shipment contact the author on this website or email:

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author of travel/food books and popular fiction
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