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Impatient to be travelling but stuck at home? Try some virtual travelling with the entertaining and informative stories from many countries included in these books. You don’t have to get up off the couch to have unique adventures in other lands.

Please help the independent Canadian publishing industry by purchasing any of these books at: Also available online at Indigo Books and Amazon.

Here is an excerpt from the recently published novel, All The Way. It is a road journey from the Maine coast to Canadian cottage country, but it also has sections set in London, England from which the passage below is taken:

The girls were together on deck when the Homeric reached the Needles and sailed up the Solent to dock at Southampton. In London…what they both liked best was Westminster Bridge with its sweeping view of the city along both banks of the Thames, the elegant gilded Parliament Buildings soaring beside it and Big Ben looming above. Linda woke Susie before dawn the morning they went there, so that they could admire the view as the first weak light of the sun touched its solid girders and while the city was still asleep…The girls walked to the middle of the bridge and stood at the railing for some time, admiring the quiet majesty of the city at daybreak. It was then that Linda impressed Susie once again, this time by reciting lines from Wordsworth.

North bank of the Thames

This City now doth, like a garment wear

The beauty of the morning; silent, bare,

Ships, towers, domes, theatres and temples lie

Open unto the fields, and to the sky;

All bright and glittering in the smokeless air.

“Well, not so smokeless any longer, I guess,” Linda added.

“No, Susie agreed. “But still impressive. Just like your memory.”

South bank of the Thames

All The way is available online at the independent Canadian publisher, Borealis Press. To order, please go to: Also available online at Indigo Books and Amazon.

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Author Signing, August 16

T.A. Keenleyside will be at the Rosseau Market in Rosseau, Ontario on Friday, August 16, from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., autographing copies of his latest novel, All The Way, nominated for the 2019 Governor General’s fiction prize. He will also be selling at reduced prices copies of his other fiction and non-fiction books.

For more information, please visit:


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“All The Way” on the Toronto Waterfront

The Toronto waterfront features prominently in the novel, “All The Way” and there is a video about this aspect of the book posted at and at

Here is a brief quotation from one chapter of the book dealing with the waterfront:

They parked in a lot on Queen’s Quay and took a stroll through the Music Garden, resplendent in late-summer ochres, pinks, and scarlets, dripping petals on the paths that curved like notes in a score. It was one of the features of the waterfront of which Jack wholeheartedly approved–apart, of course, from the fact that, just past the garden’s far end, there still loomed the stolid, gloomy silos of the long-abandoned and decaying grain elevators of the Canada Malting Company. Jack had once painted them, too, in all their gigantic, concrete ugliness, adding to the right of the silos and enormous red, festering eye…”Still no decision has been made on what to do with those silos.” Jack shook his head with disgust. “You know, one idea was to convert them into a giant mausoleum with space for thousands of coffins and urns. Wow! What creative waterfront thinking! If that ever happens please make sure no one gets into our backyard and digs my ashes out of the garden.”

To purchase a copy of the novel, please go to:, or for an autographed copy, contact the author at

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Author Signing

T. A, Keenleyside will be at the Rosseau Market in Rosseau, Ontario, Friday, July 19 autographing copies of his latest novel, “All The Way.” He will also have available at reduced prices copies of his earlier novel, “In A Spin”, and of his literary travel/cookbooks.

The market is from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. and takes place on the Lake Rosseau waterfront in the town of Rosseau.

For more information, visit:


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A Different View of Rosedale

The Toronto neighbourhood of Rosedale features several times in the novel, All The Way, for it is the home of two of the characters, Linda and Jay. The image depicted, however, is very different from the traditional view of this region of the city.

Here is a brief excerpt from the novel that illustrates the difference:

“On the inside the house did not look very different from the other staid, red-brick mansions on Chestnut Park, the understated yet privileged dwellings of Toronto’s “old money” families. The rooms on the ground floor were wood-panelled with small mullioned windows. Oil paintings of living and departed relatives and of bucolic scenes in Britain and Canada hung on the walls…polished oak bookcases (contained) old leather-bound tomes and voluminous sets of reference works, rarely disturbed except for dusting…The exterior of the house on this particular evening was, however, in stark contrast with the rest of the homes on this quiet, park-like street with its conservative residents of impeccably decent taste and manners. For, in the middle of the front lawn, Linda had erected an eight-foot-high papier mache model of a circumcised penis. With its flesh-covered wrinkles and folds and prominent blue veins, to the arriving guests it looked extremely realistic. And for added effect, Linda had sprayed patches of the scrotum and the surrounding snow-covered ground with a blood-red stain. While Jay had had reservations about the whole enterprise from the moment Linda had broached the idea, she had been insistent that they celebrate Lou’s recent vasectomy by throwing a party for their friends in his honour.

“‘Well,’ Jack said to Susie as they passed the sculpture on the way to the front door. ‘We’re here to bear witness to the last, triumphant stage in Sally’s campaign to ween Lou from his Catholic origins.'”


To see a short video about the Rosedale sections of the book, please go to the author’s Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

The book is available online at: and autographed copies can be purchased directly from the author by going to:


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“All The Way” Through College

This is the campus of the University of Toronto where the characters in the novel, “All The Way” consolidate the friendships they made in the summer of 1958 and form relations that, in most cases lead to marriage.




One in the group is enrolled here at University College.




One each is at Victoria  and  St.  Michael’s.




And the remaining five are all at Trinity College.

For more information about their time at university, please see the video posted at:, or better still buy the book at:, or from the author It is only $19.95 Cdn.

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Video about “All The Way”

A new, short video about the novel, “All The Way” is online at:, and at

Set in Toronto, Ontario cottage country, and the coast of Maine, “All The Way” is a good summer read. Available from and from the author at:

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