“All The Way” on the Toronto Waterfront

The Toronto waterfront features prominently in the novel, “All The Way” and there is a video about this aspect of the book posted at http://www.facebook.com/terry.keenleyside and at http://LinkedIn.com/terry-keenleyside.

Here is a brief quotation from one chapter of the book dealing with the waterfront:

They parked in a lot on Queen’s Quay and took a stroll through the Music Garden, resplendent in late-summer ochres, pinks, and scarlets, dripping petals on the paths that curved like notes in a score. It was one of the features of the waterfront of which Jack wholeheartedly approved–apart, of course, from the fact that, just past the garden’s far end, there still loomed the stolid, gloomy silos of the long-abandoned and decaying grain elevators of the Canada Malting Company. Jack had once painted them, too, in all their gigantic, concrete ugliness, adding to the right of the silos and enormous red, festering eye…”Still no decision has been made on what to do with those silos.” Jack shook his head with disgust. “You know, one idea was to convert them into a giant mausoleum with space for thousands of coffins and urns. Wow! What creative waterfront thinking! If that ever happens please make sure no one gets into our backyard and digs my ashes out of the garden.”

To purchase a copy of the novel, please go to: http://www.penumbrapress.com, or for an autographed copy, contact the author at terdotcomm@sympatico.ca

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