In A Spin, What is Henry up to?


Here’s an excerpt from the dramatic and funny chapter of In A Spin where Joanne discovers whether or not her husband, Henry, is having an affair:

…on the front steps, as she took our her key to unlock the door, Joanne hesitated again, going over once more the opening line she had rehearsed for several days.”Well, this is certainly something I never expected to catch you doing.” Yes. That was certainly better than her original choice: “Well, how long has this been going on?” Save that for later. Beyond her beginning she had no idea what she would say, no conception of what might unfold. She had envisaged different scenarios. Henry, pants down to his knees, on top of a young woman barely out of her teens–what a slut–their legs flailing over the side of the couch in the den, totally oblivious to her having entered the room. Perfect for her opening line. A more mature woman–in our bedroom no less–desperately trying to hide her nude body behind a sheet and Henry, his hairy chest bristling, pleading with her, “Joanne, it’s not what you think!” Okay for that, too. Of course, there was another possibility. No woman there, only Henry, watching TV in the den. She was ready for that: felt sick so cancelled the skating lesson. And the car suddenly stalled a block away. Henry would tuck her into bed, probably make her some tea and then check on the car. He wouldn’t be particularly surprised when it started right away. “Women!” he would mutter, shaking his head stoically. “Don’t give them anything more complicated to turn on than a hair dryer.” Joanne slipped the key into the lock, and gently nudged the door open. Oh, please let that be what happens.”

To discover the surprise that awaited Joanne, you can get a copy of In A Spin by going to:,, or by emailing the author for a personally autographed copy at:


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