Worried about your child’s progress in school or vulnerability to risky behaviour like smoking drugs and over eating?

Front COVER At the Table 3[1]Interested in the connection between these issues and parents regularly eating meals with their children? Then come and hear a discussion of At the Table, Nourishing Conversation and Food at the Downsview branch of the Toronto Public Library, 2793 Keele Street, Toronto on Thursday, January 31 at 1.00 p.m. 

Rather than doom and gloom, however, the book is really a celebration of family and friends gathering around the dinner table for good food and conversation. So most of the talk will focus on entertaining tales shared at dinnertime, with only a smattering of alarming statistics to remind one of the importance of mealtime conversation.

Can’t make it to the talk? You can buy the book ($21.95) by contacting Penumbra Press at: www.penumbrapress.com.

004Looking forward to seeing you at the Downsview branch on Thursday, January 31 at 1.00 p.m. Meanwhile, bon appetit et bon conversation!

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author of travel/food books and popular fiction
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