Weird Writer’s Weekly Witticism #22

First, the answer to last week’s question:

Question: Why do authors cross the road whenever they see a vegetable stand?

Answer: They’re always looking for a new market!

Now, this week’s question:

What happened when the car hit the author crossing the road?

Please submit your answer in the comment box below. If it is commendable, you will be eligible to receive one of the author’s books of your choosing, autographed with a personal note, for only $15 Cdn., including shipping to any address in Canada. For other countries, please inquire. To arrange details, please email:

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2 Responses to Weird Writer’s Weekly Witticism #22

  1. Tim Pointing says:

    A witness, overlooking the accident scene from a second STORY balcony, had to PAGE a doctor because it looked like the author was in a BIND, likely having broken his SPINE. When news broke of the accident, the sales of his book experienced a BUMPER bump.


  2. I like that. Very creative!


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